1. Carry your passport with you minimum validity with one year. It is very easy to renew the passport in home country, it will be very expensive and time consuming when you are out of your home country.
  2. Take your travel, insurance before flying out. You may be very nice, but getting medical treatment in Abroad is very expensive. You can’t buy medicine from any pharmacy without prescription from your medical doctor. For one visit you have to spent Rs 5000 for an ordinary visit to doctor. Medicine is very expensive.
  3. Carry your medicine along with medical doctor prescription luggage often gets inspected at the airport, if you have no medical prescription you may get into trouble.
  4. Carry your ordinary medicine for cold, cough, gas, headache, stomach pain to save money while abroad.
  5. Take police verification with you, if you are travelling first time out of country or have stayed back in your home country for more than six months, Keep it safe. You will need it at the airport or whenever you apply for permanent visa or immigration to some countries.
  6. English is the common language spoken throughout all the countries. To enjoy your visit, talk to police/ immigration officer / airhostess/emergency medical services, Please insure you are comfortable with English speaking . Try to listen song on English T.V / Radio stations, listen to CBC news etc.
  7. In almost all countries males and females dress up in same way (alike) , most common is shirt& pent with jacket as per their weather, Canada is cold country so one has to use thin cotton shirt & cotton pent.
  8. In most of the western countries jean is only used on work, not in restaurants pubs and bars.
  9. In India we shake hands while we see each other. In other countries we meet with smiling faces, do not take it into wrong senses that beautiful boys or girls are interested in you.
  10. Please follow the Q (line) system. For ladies and gents taxies is only one ‘Q’ line at bus stop, public places.
  11. There is a crime stopper department in every country, if you Indulge in any unlawful activity, people around you will prepare the video, reload your voice, as every cell phone Indicates the location of activity, time of activity, people sound it to crime stopper on line, it is a sufficient documentary evidence, to get you arrested.
  12. Police is so fast and equipped with highly sophisticated gadgets, an offender has no time to run away.
  13. Do not drink and drive. You may be having good driving skills after drinks, if someone else makes a mistake and creates an accident, you are liable for consequences you will have to pay all damages, income loss to the person hour in accident, higher premium of insurance and your driving license.
  14. Do not talk loudly in public buses/trains or public places. Use head phones, as no public nuisance is tolerates. You are always in camera recording more. You cannot start dancing, singing while travelling as we do in our home country.
  15. Do not move in herds ( a number of males or females in group) it is un-declared act 144. The moment a moving group is seen, you are under police scanner .Mistake done by one person can land you in police station. You can be cancelled and ends up in deportation in country.
  16. Hiring of vakils/lawyers is very expensive even one has to pay per consultation on phone line. It is on for hour basic.
  17. Once you get a rented accommodation the houses are very clean and beautiful, but not as sturdy as in our home country. Do not nails the walls or damage the paints, do not allow your children to mark the walls .If damaged it will cost you very dearly. For examples calling a plumber at home can be Rs. 5000/- per hour or part of one hour.
  18. Do not argue, quarrel, hurt or slap anyone. Slapping your own child can keep you in police lock up for a night.
  19. Do not misuse your face-book account. Your data is preserved for a long time. It can be viewed by your future employer, Govt. agencies, immigration officers, income tax department etc.
  20. Do not induce with any one below 18 years of age. Your e-mails can be retrieved, if it proved that you were indulging in physical relationship by promising that you will marry her or him later. It will be just a case of rape.
  21. Keep your record safe, like visiting different immigration agents. First read all the papers, take its copy, then only sign the documents e.g. you have submitted your application to any country on 31st dec2017. If you do not have its copy when you will try to apply again to any count with same passport number Up to 31st dec.2017. Data has to be the same. Only you can change any information.

After 31Dec 2017 if you are applying your visa again then Before giving your documents to any agent, take a photo of  his license, make all payments through the Bank.Even if you have to pay some taxes on it.

  1. Verify your visa before flying out of home country. Every country has embassy in nearby city. Visit the embassy, pay the requisite fee to get your visa verified before flying out. No one can hide in western countries. Everything is regulated. You will be caught and put in jail.
  2. Indian food is very expensive in outside countries as we use salt, peppers and hot spices. In cold countries these are not used. Try to learn how to cook Indian food at home. Cooking the food is very easy.
  3. Honking of horn on vehicles is not permitted except in case of emergency.
  4. Do not cross Red lights.
  5. While travelling by foot, cross the road only on the assigned road sign. Crossing the road at wrong place leads you to financial penalty.
  6. In other countries Gurudwaras, Temples, Mosques and church are private buildings. They are free to ban poor entry into them. So neither try to agitate nor claim the thing like India.
  7. No public disturbances after 10pm to 5am. Even you cannot use your TV/radio/musical instruments on speaker system.
  8. Most of the countries use credit card/Debit card system . Do not tell your card numbers to anyone.
  9. It is recommended that try to learn car driving and carry the valid driving license with you. Few countries have right-hand driving system and few of them have left-hand driving system. Driving license is a valid identity of the owner required by every agency. car is available on RENT without driver with GPS system .It can get you better employment.
  10. If you are a student, try to collect your syllabus of study, as you will need the copy of same, when it has to be re-validated in other countries.
  11. Try to get the police verification in every country, you have stayed for more than 6 months, for applying for immigration at later stage.
  12. If you have work experience, collect it from your employer with following information. Nowadays it is investigated by private detectives. Do not produce fake documents. Your work experience should be neatly typed on letter head. Minimum 30 hours per week (full time employment considered).

Designation Candidate name-                                            (as in passport)

Date of start of job –

Date left the job –

Duration in days –

Hours per day –

Nature of duties –

Name and designation of the person (signed the certificate)

Contact no. of the person to be contacted (provide only the phone no. of the person attends the call)

  1. Most of the countries are multi- cultured e.g. Christians, MUSLIMS, HINDUS, SIKHS and from different countries. No discrimination is permitted. A person from India cannot start fighting with a person from Pakistan/china or Bangladesh. You will get into trouble if you induce into a act of discrimination.
  2. Do not throw the waste food or Garbage in open. You have to use dustbins provided everywhere. You will mostly in three types of DustBins.
  • One for recyclables plastic, rubber, metal cardboard/paper.
  • One for garbage including kitchen waste.
  • One for lawn waste.
  1. After eating at McDonald/7-11/subway, you can eat there but you cannot leave anything on Table, use the dustbins over there.
  2. Try to carry winter cap/folding umbrella you may need it.
  3. If you are living in the rented accommodation, do not disturb others by making phone calls after 10 PM to 5 AM in the morning. Other are free to call 911, police takes only few minutes to arrive .Your cell phone call record as id proof and you will be out and loose your accommodation.
  4. Check the weight of each bag. Permitted weight of luggage is on your ticket. Do not exceed the weight, It will cost you very dearly.
  5. While entering in any one house, you have to remove your shoes either outside or inside or, before going in as your dirty shoes may damage expensive carpet or wooden flooring.
  6. Places ensure that before visiting the houses of others, you have to take pre- appointments. As different people, work in different shifts.
  7. Do not drive slow in fast lanes. Different countries have different systems. Fast lanes are meant to drive fast speeds. If you are driving slow on a fast lane ,you are creating trouble for others.



  1. Birth certificate :-Birth certificate if born after 1980.
  2. Matric certificate :- Minimum qualification is Matric pass for India and 10+2 pass in other countries. For better results try to score 70% marks .It does not matter if you were a regular student or passed privately. As in all western countries most of the population is 10+2 pass.
  3. English language skills :- It is an International speaking reading and writing language presently for ITI pass students minimum IELTS- 4.0 bands are required, but it will be much better if a candidate scores 5.5 band minimum.

IELTS exams are two types:-

  • IELTS for Academic:- For students going abroad for higher studies minimum 6.5 bands are required.
  • IELTS for General:- For the candidate going for working abroad, If a candidate keeps reading English newspaper daily or watch free lectures on youtube. this exam can be passes easily.
  1. Age :- For working in India or for going abroad for employment, candidate has to be an adult minimum 18 years of age.
  2. Experience :- Minimum practical experience of one year is required after the completion of ITI Diploma and Degree. It cannot be a fake .
  3. ITI pass certificate :- A candidate must attend regular classes in the ITI as well as privately by working in off privately in the city.
  4. Govt. issued photo I.D’s :- Copy of passport, Aadhaar card, driving license, Voter ID card for availing maximum benefits.
  5. Permanently E-Mail ID :- Try to make a permanently E-mail ID, so that Govt. agencies , Employers, Banks employment agencies, various educational institutes can contact you.Always try to see your spam folder, sometimes important  E-mail lands into this folder. This is the fastest way of communication in whole world. Do not log on to fake web sites.
  6. Permanent contact telephone cell no. :- In most of the countries a person keeps the same phone number till his/her death. As after few years, still some of near or dear ones may try to contact you for your betterment, you are free to carry your same cell number from one carrier to another.
  7. Driving license :- During the study period of ITI a person should try to get a minimum class-5 driving license. As, it is your Govt. issued photo ID, character certificate for private job. you may have to drive to a location which is not easily accessible due to distance, Location, Weather of feasibility if nothing else you can drive a taxi. If you are un-employed,It will make you self sufficient. Cars, employer vehicles are easily available on rent, no need to buy it.
  8. GOOD CREDIT HISTORY – In the whole world only one agency is controlling the credit card if you have taken any type of loan from GOVT Banks/ Post office, return it .It should not become a defaulter . A person needs loan to set up a business/ to buy a car /to buy a house, it gets verified from a credit card history.
  9. CLEAN DRIVING ABSTRACY – Basically your driving habits is a public show of your personality as in most of the countries, it is linked with your AADHAR CARD/ Social Insurance number/green card etc. It is a pubic document. By using your driving card number, your data can be retrieved by your employer for example :-
  • How many times a person is sound drunk and drive ?
  • How many times you have crossed the red light signal?
  • How many times you have indulged in car racing ?
  • How many times you have met an accident ?
  1. Your Resume – A candidate should have properly prepared your bio- data (resume) should be stored on your cell phone.Operation of Skype for on line interview
  2. FACEBOOK – You can load the data on FACEBOOK, but your employer/ Immigration officer/ GOVT recruiting officer can find out personal information from the FACEBOOK, your day-to- day behavior can be judged and you may lose your job or land in a police station easily.
  3. Good Health – Keep your body fit, so that you can pass your medical test for immigrating abroad.

List of recommended jobs which can be taken up by the students while doing studies during off hours or on holidays (subject to govt. of India rules 2018)

To reduce the financial burden on the parents

  1. Salesman/salesgirl.
  2. Taxi driver/car driver/tempo driver/school bus driver.
  3. Loan recovery agents evening/holiday session.
  4. Cook/waiter/food court attendant.
  5. Front desk receptionist on hotels/hospitals/ Suvidha Kendra, airports, bus stand, railway station etc.
  6. Stitching/ tailoring.
  7. Beauty parlor locally in village/ city area/mobile parlor.
  8. Door- to- door delivery assistant (online orders).
  9. Courier delivery asst (letters, parcels, gifts etc).
  10. Security services at bank ATM’s.
  11. Attendant car/cycle/scooter parking.
  12. Data entry operators with business shops/ offices.
  13. Assistant (mushy) at the vegetable market.
  14. Preparing troops at printing presses.
  15. Bill payment clerk/assistant.
  16. Agent as student admission clerk.
  17. Waitress with catering contractors.
  18. Cash collection clerks for the banks/money lenders.
  19. Graders/sorters/packers for deliveries.
  20. Machine operators.
  21. Milk collection centre operators/dairy farming.
  22. To set up private tuition centers for school students.
  23. Cyber café operators to submit online application.
  24. Life insurance/ auto insurance sub agent.
  25. Nail technicians.
  26. Maid services/ cleaning services of govt. building/hospitals part time.
  27. Receipt and dispatch clerk with transport companies.
  28. Mobile phone sales and service.
  29. Petrol pump/gas station attendants.
  30. Income tax return submission clerks.
  31. LIC agent
  32. Clerk in the office of immigration agent.
  33. Assistant at pharmacy shop.
  34. Mechanical assembler/cycle mechanic.
  35. Running of private employment agencies.
  36. Setting up/operating P.G’s for boys and girls.
  37. Tile setters.
  38. Operating poultry shops.
  39. Operating D.J. systems.
  40. Rental services of generators and decorative rights for marriages/public function.
  41. News paper distribution.
  42. Advertisement collection agent for news paper, radio-station or TV station.
  43. Real estate agent or room rental services.
  44. Mobile auto mechanics/service of cars and tractors at owner home.
  45. Care home for children.
  46. Nail technician.
  47. Laser hair removal technician.
  48. Security cameras installation assistant/inverter installation service.
  49. Solar power technician.
  50. Wind mill installation technician.
  51. Managing mobile advertising services.
  52. Painters.
  53. Hair stylist.
  54. Operating steel fabricator shop.
  55. Part time cashier on sales counter of shops/offices.

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