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Chairman message:-

First ITI in the country in which admission is required by Govt. of India. Theoretical and Practical training is imparted as per Govt. prescribed syllabus. In addition to it, students are trained for employment abroad by providing step by step guidance ,how to seek job in other countries by students himself or herself ,preparation of requisite documents, english communication skills, computer skills , on line job interviews, getting Indian certification certified on foreign soil ,how to maintain your job on international levels ,Do’s and Dont ’s while away from home country ,all under one roof  which  no other I.T.I /college /university provides so far . This enables our ITI pass students to get a job within Punjab /India /world and huge sum of money to maintain high standard of living.

Principal message:-

There are number of Schools/ITI /COLLEGES /UNIVERSITIES . They only provide the academics knowledge where as in our Canadian institute we try to Provide overall personality development to our students like theoretical and practical training in their respective fields ,communication skills , searching for job online (local/national/international level) preparation and submission of resume ,preparation for job interviews ,online documentation for employment abroad , how to file personal application on line for immigration ,how to settle permanent abroad or maintain your job ,overall personality development and helping the students to work part time while studying in our institute .

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